Walker Of The Worlds

Chapter 2242 Pulling Out A Hill

Chapter 2242  Pulling Out A Hill

The power of the Tyrant Lift skill was great and could move a lot of things.

When Lin Mu had tested it for the first time with the Saintess, it had been enough to break the pillars she had made. As such, it was the perfect option for Lin Mu to lift the rock that was stuck in the bottom of the lake.

But now it was clear that this was not a 'rock' at all.

It was an entire solid chunk of some kind of ore that was the size of a hill!

"This is way bigger than I thought…" Lin Mu saw the rock and realized that he had uprooted around four hundred meters of area.

The 'hill' was about four hundred meters wide and roughly three hundred meters tall. There were a lot of pores on it, and now that Lin Mu could take a better look at it, he could see the roots of the Three Colored Dazzling Mud Lotus fully embedded into it.

The pores were used as latching points for the plant and it had used up all the pores that were present, right from the top all the way to the bottom!

'If I hadn't pulled it out, I surely would've cut off a large portion of the roots.' Lin Mu now understood.

Because of the limitation of his immortal sense and the Murkwater Qi, it had been difficult for him to get a proper sense of just how deeply the roots were embedded. The other rocks had been easy to cut, as they were just normal ones.

But this one was much different.

Now that the 'rock' was out though, Lin Mu quickly stored it away along with a large volume of the muddy lake water.

It would be enough for the displaced Dazzling Mud Lotus to live decently.



The sudden disappearance of the large hill sized rock and the lake water left an empty vacuum that caused the muddy water to rush in. Multiple whirlpools were created along with strong water currents that would've pulled along even an elephant with them.

But Lin Mu was unaffected and easily resisted it by simply using Phase and flying back to the top. ~Ripple~

Lin Mu's body returned to normal proportions as the effects of the Tyrant Bull Marrow Secrets faded away.

The Armor also turned into a searing hot energy that returned to Lin Mu's body, leaving him in his normal appearance.

He had no signs of being in the muddy lake and was still as clean as before.

'The armor is really good at preventing anything from getting in contact with my body.' Lin Mu thought to himself. 'Even the power of Tyrant Bull Marrow Secrets is further improved with the durability of the armor.' He reckoned.

The armor was a perfect fir for physical attacks that used raw strength, as they could provide better durability as well as further amplify the strength. After all, a punch with a bare fist would be weaker than a punch with a gauntlet. Lin Mu didn't use one before since they simply couldn't endure his strength, and even if they could, they would break over time by getting damaged. But now that he had the Longgui Bulwark Armor that had high durability, as well as the ability to repair on its own upon breaking, there was no reason for him to avoid using one.

This even gave Lin Mu another idea.

'I might be able to reduce the recoil of Mountain Collapsing Fist, if I use it with the gauntlet and perhaps the full armor too.' Lin Mu wondered if it would be viable.

He had seen the upgraded skills power with the large lava slug and knew that it was several times greater than the normal Boulder Collapsing Fist.

"I'll haves plenty of opportunities to test it anyways." Lin Mu muttered to himself as he looked in the distance where the swarm of Toad Plant Chimeric beast hybrids were fighting against the Twin Serpents.

Of course, fighting was a big word, as they were merely struggling while the twins reaped their lives. The Toads attacked with all they had, but the twins easily dodged the vines, thorns and any other attacks they threw their way. Not only were the twins faster than them, their size and agility also made it impossible for the large Toads to target them.

Not to mention, they kept on taking advantage of the Death Qi boundary to keep the Toads stuck in one place.

It was unfortunate for the Chimeric beasts as they didn't have much intelligence. In fact, if it were a normal beast at the same cultivation base, they would have already understood the trick and either ran away or found some other method to overcome it.

They wouldn't have just stayed in one location and let the twins kill them like 'toads in a barrel'.


Lin Mu soon appeared above the twins, finding them to be having quite a lot of fun.

"I'll take over from here." Lin Mu spoke.

"You're back." Xiao Yang replied. Content belongs to NôvelDrama.Org

"We want to eat more though." Xiao Yin stated.

"You can still eat them. I just have to kill them myself, so I get the credits." Lin Mu showed them the green band. "Ah!" Xiao Yin now understood.

"We'll wait for you to kill them, then." Xiao Yang said, as he moved behind the Death Qi boundary with his sister.

"It won't take long, so don't worry." Lin Mu said as he drew out both his swords.


Afternoon Pine and Ocean Raker hummed with excitement as they saw the swarm of Chimeric beasts in front of them.

"Kill them all!" Lin Mu said as he raised both swords and spun.


He directly jumped into the middle of the swarm and kept on spinning, as the two blades cut through the chimeric beasts with ease. Arcs of sword energy were let out at every second, creating a two colored vortex that tore through all the toads.

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