The Girlboss Begs for Remarriage

Chapter 1278

"That's right!" Dennis was snapping at Frank too.


Frank did not argue, as he was keen to find out what those two were up to.

"Mr. Pearce!" Hugh strode past Frank toward Gene as everyone watched, pointing at Frank as he shouted, "My family took in Frank, but he's a gigolo and a liar!"

"Really?" Gene quietly glanced at Frank, and nodded at Hugh for him to continue.

Seeing Gene's impassive reaction, both Dennis and Hugh were delighted.

"This man is so full of himself," Hugh quickly continued. "He got Sif Lionheart killed and drove a wedge between my family and the Lionhearts! And he knows no shame, claiming to have saved your life, Mr. Pearce! It's a blatant insult to your name, not to mention he came without an invitation and basically barged in here!"

"He didn't have an invitation?" Gene turned toward Frank in surprise.

Frank shrugged noncallable. "I forgot to bring it."

"You forgot?" Gene was taken aback but also quickly realized why he was not notified of Frank's arrival-he would have immediately received Frank otherwise.

"Hah! You're still lying through your teeth right in front of Mr. Pearce?!" Hugh laughed coolly.

"Mr. Pearce!"

Dennis suddenly dropped to his knees in front of Gene, sobbing in front of the guests as he pointed at Frank and cried, "He hurt my son saying he flirted with his sister when they were in love with each other! He crippled my son... you have to help me! Punish him for his misdeeds!"

"That's right!" Hugh shouted, pointing at Tet, who remained frozen. "He's also pulling a con at your charity auction, selling some bullshit god pill. He clearly doesn't respect you, and only wants to cause trouble and drive a wedge between you and the Turnbull family!"

The crowd was in an uproar once more, barely able to digest the info dump that Hugh and Dennis just threw their way.

But in a nutshell, both men had endless accusations against Frank, and they were begging Gene to take action against Frank.

Naturally, Gene was left perplexed just like them.

Before he could say a word, however, Tet came to his senses.

He was completely oblivious to Hugh and Dennis' accusations against Frank, as all he felt was his

body changing after just was his


Jade Marrow Pill.

He zoned out as he stared at the pill, his expression alternating between disbelief and delight and shock.

His fingers trembling, he carefully closed the wooden chest and carefully returned it to Frank.

"Everyone..." he began, hesitating for a long while as if it took him great effort to speak.

Eventually, he gritted his teeth and bellowed, "The pill... is real!"

The bombshell left the guests in the hall stunned, and it was none other than Hugh who first exclaimed, "What?!"

He was dead sure that Frank was a liar, only for Tet to announce that Frank's 'god pill' was real?!Content belongs to NôvelDrama.Org

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