Tattooed Luna

Chapter 0592

Chapter 0592 Kristen POV By the time we made it home, I was exhausted. The car ride with four babies was absolutely ridiculous. As soon as one stopped crying, the next one would start. Both boys peed on me like three times each and the girls kept pulling my hair. Penny kept apologizing but it wasn’t her fault and I was just mad.

“Jasper? What are you doing here?” 1 asked as I stepped out of the SUV.

“Alec called and asked for me to meet you here and just hang out.” He shrugged and started helping with the bags.

“Bullshit. He wanted you to watch over

me.” I called him out. It felt nice to stretch my legs but damn if my wound wasn’t still sore.

“No you. More like Adalynn. Did he not tell you?” The conversation I had with Alec flashed before my eyes. He had just stepped out of the shower and was going to lay down for awhile to sleep but he promised he would be home tomorrow. It would be late but he would be home. That was right after he told me about what Gunther said and Ann wanting my child.

“Yeah. He told me.” By the time I made it inside, Jasper had all of my stuff put into my bedroom and Adalynn was in her high chair, ready for some supper. The smell of Tortellini pasta hit me full in the face.

“Hungry?” “I am but why are you cooking for me and where is Emmy?” “Alec did warn me that you would be in a good mood.” Jasper whispered.

Ignoring him, I got myself a plate.

“She is handling a few things but she will be here tomorrow to keep you company until Alec gets here.” “Aren’t we suppose to get another snow storm tonight?” “yeah but I don’t think it will be very much.” Jasper said as he sat down to feed Adalynn.

I got up on the stool and started eating.

“How long are you hanging out?” “For awhile.”

We sat in silence other than Adalynn’s laughter until she was finally done eating. While Jasper cleaned up, took Adalynn to get a bath and get ready for bed. Jasper walked in as I was rocking her while reading a book.

“I am going to head out for the night.

Let me know if you need anything.

There are warriors around the house.” “Okay, drive safe.” I whispered.

Jasper nodded and smiled at me before walking out. After I heard the door shut I immediately felt alone. Adalynn’s eyes started to fall. Laying her in her crib, it was time for me to get some hot tea and sit by my big windows and watch the snow fall.

Watching the water heat up reminded me of the phrase about watching grass

grow. All in all, my leg was feeling much better, just really sore but even that was going away. My wolf was working double time because she felt like something was brewing and she needed our human form to be in the best shape. I almost forced Jasper to spare with me but I was enjoying the night time routine with Adalynn.

Finally, the water was done boiling, making the tea kettle scream in protest. There wasn't much worry that it would wake Adalynn up but I was still quick to remove it and pour some water in my cup. After adding the tea bag, I went to my favorite chair.

It was so peaceful watching the snow accumulate on the ground. Sipping on my tea, I just sat there for who knows how long until I started to get sleepy.

As [ walked in my pitch black house to

the kitchen, I saw a shadow run past the window.

Jasper did tell me that our warriors were stationed around the house but they wouldn’t be moving that fast.

Everything in me was on high alertasl set my cup in the sink. Another movement to the left, forced me to whip my head around but I missed the wolf.

“Jasper! Who is guarding my house? There is movement outside!” As soon as the mind-link went through, the power shut off in my house. “Fuck!” yelled as I ran to Adalynn’s room. As gently and quickly as I could, I scooped her up and ran back to my chair to grab my phone.

“GET TO THE SAFE ROOM!” Jasper yelled in the mind-link right as

something stepped in front of the window. A big black wolf was standing there, snarling at me.

“1 don’t think I have time.” I whispered back. We stared for a moment, staring at each other before my front door blew open. On instinct, I turned and ran as fast as I could down to the basement.

“0h, no you don’t!” I heard behind me.

He was a few steps behind me but he didn’t know the layout. I knew there was a rug and if you turned full speed, it would send you flying. Grabbing the wall, I turned it like I have practiced multiple times. Making it around the corner just as he went flying into the wall. The panic room was Open enough that I was able to just get inside theContent belongs to NôvelDrama.Org

door and lay her on the couch before two strong arms wrapped around my waist.

“NO!” Trying to hold into the wall, I could hear more movement and I knew I was too late. Without even thinking, I grabbed the door handle and allowed him to pull the door shut as he pulled me away from the door. I heard it slam shut and lock as I hit the ground.

«stupid bitch!” SLAP! He backhanded me across the face.

“What is going on here?” Anthony’s voice made my stomach crawl in disgust.

«She locked the baby in the panic room.” The warrior stood up and backed away from me.

“Unlock it.”

Looking up at him, my wolf came to the surface. “You can kill me and everyone in this pack before I let you touch a hair on my daughter’s head.”

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