My Loyal Husband After Our Divorce

Chapter 766

He Lan Chang's Ending

The next second, He Bin grabbed at his throat, his eyes burning with nefarious intent.

"What are you doing?" He Lan Chang tried to pull his arms off, but he was no match for a young man in his prime. He Bin tossed his gun away and pulled out a medicine bottle from his pocket. He then poured it down He Lan Chang's throat.

The liquid drug swirled down He Lan Chang's throat easily. Even though he had no idea what it was, he knew for a fact that it was not going to be something beneficial. He Lan Chang struggled with his full strength; he tried to vomit out the medicine, but He Bin slammed his mouth shut and forced the medicine down his throat.

When he made sure that the medicine had gone down into his stomach, He Bin tossed his father away and he landed on the sofa with a soft thud.

He Lan Chang tried his best to induce vomit, but it was already too late, he could feel his heart palpitate.

"What... what did you just give me?" He Lan Chang interrogated with authority.

He Bin looked down on him and answered expressionlessly, "A type of medicine that will make you senile for the rest of your life."

"What?" He Lan Chang was shocked.

He Bin laughed with deprecation. "In the end, I decided to keep you alive, you don't need to thank me."

"You, you b*stard, I am going to kill you!" He Lan Chang rushed at He Bin with his claws lashing. As his fingers clamped around He Bin's throat, he started to feel difficulty in his breathing and the world started to spin... He Bin looked at him coldly; there was barely a ripple of emotion in his eyes. There was no joy from having taken his revenge, or even sadness from losing his father. If there was an emotion to describe what he was feeling then, it was relief, relief that everything was finally over. He no longer felt tied to the He Lan family and his father's shadow was no longer looming over him. He could finally be himself again, without having to answer to anyone but himself.

However, He Lan Chang was not yet ready for this ending!

He had worked for so many years to support the He Lan family and he had just gotten wonderful news about his project, but it was ruined by his own son at the very last minute, how could he accept such a fate? He did not want to go senile, he did not want to lose his memory and the success that was so deliciously close to his reach!

He tightened his grip around He Bin's throat and used his last bout of strength to try to snap his neck. There were tears flowing down He Lan Chang's eyes; these were probably the only genuine tears of regret he had in his life...

However, no matter how unwilling he was or how deep his regret, he could feel his consciousness fading and the strength leaving his body. His knees started to give, and he knew he was going to fall at any moment. He Lan Chang subconsciously grabbed at He Bin's shirt, trying to steady himself. Before he crumbled, he hissed out the very last thought that was on his mind, "No, not yet..." Looking at the 'dying' He Lan Chang on the floor, He Bin laughed. "Think this is too soon of an end for you? Perfect, because this is the punishment that you deserve!"

"Well done," Xinghe told He Bin softly. She had made herself invisible during the father and son exchange earlier but she did approve of He Bin's final decision. He Bin asked her, "You are not angry that I did not kill him?"

Xinghe shook her head. "I am not always out to kill. If anything, this will be a greater punishment to him than death."

A lifetime of senility, a life where he had to depend on others for even the most basic of human functions. A life with zero honor. This kind of life was the most fitting punishment for He Lan Chang.

However, He Bin was still

appreciative of her understanding. “I

am still thankful that you

ul that you guys are


willing tallet him live. I am sorry

because I could not find it within

myself to kill him with my own two hands."

"I understand, but you have done very omContent belongs to NôvelDrama.Org

well. I will leave the rest to you,

because from today onwards, you

will be the head for the whole He Lan

family," Xinghe told him


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