Edgar’s Relentless Pursue for The Love of His Life

Chapter 260

Chapter 260

Chapter 260 Hint Miles gasped. This was a dangerous question. He couldn't answer. "Mr. Royden, the bidding conference is about to start."

Edgar went in with a nasty expression on his face. Seeing his expression, his partners, who had wanted to greet him, shrank back.

With a spurt of energy, Ben stated his current plans.

"I can get them to prepare a contract now. If you agree, we can start our partnership next month." Ben saved this opportunity for Jean and turned down other companies.

"Ben, thank you so much, but I can't give you a reply now. I have to have a meeting when I get back. After all, the company has just started out, and we have limited capabilities. I can't burden you," Jean answered him seriously.

Ben's gaze dulled slightly.

"Alright. I'll wait for your reply."

Jean nodded and looked at the time. "Let's head in."

The bidding conference was very intense from start to finish. The air was suppressed to a freezing point. Some smaller companies wanted to see daylight, so they had to get a good item. But opportunities are left for those with capabilities. After the bidding war, some took risks that paid off, but many were left empty-handed.

Jean was the latter.

Even after she threw out her hard-earned capital, lady luck wasn't on her side.

In contrast, the man who was sitting a few rows ahead didn't even need to open his mouth. There were people rushing to give him money.

"Mr. Royden, we are honored by your presence today. Thank you so much for coming. These few items are the most in demand. Please take a look. If there's anything you want, Royden Group can take priority unconditionally."

This was the law of the jungle.

Absolute power could be absolutely unrestrained.

Jean was livid and kept staring at the action going on at that side.

Ben followed her gaze and looked over. He frowned and didn't say anything.

After an intense bidding war, the bidding conference declared its closing.

"Everyone, please make your way down to the restaurant downstairs and enjoy the dinner banquet. Here's wishing everyone successful partnerships and instant success."

Jean was feeling a little tired. She yawned and walked out.

As soon as she left, she heard a series of noises coming from downstairs.

"Let's take a look?" Ben lowered his voice and asked her.

Jean wanted to turn him down, but she saw a familiar figure. She nodded. "Mm."

Edgar was at the back, not too far away. He also made his way over.

At the moment, in the restaurant downstairs, there was a plump, obese woman. Her hands were full of rings. She raised her hand to slap the woman in front of her.

"You seduced my husband! Pfft, you shameless whore!"

"Isn't that Mrs. Larry? The woman she's hitting seems to be that female celebrity, Melody Chance."

She slapped Melody firmly on her face.

Melody furrowed her brows. Fingerprints quickly appeared on her fair and tender skin.

"Mrs. Larry, please don't do this." The restaurant manager went up to her and tried to stop her. "Do it for me."

"Get lost! Why should I do it for you?" Mrs. Larry's arrogance became more aggressive. "She's just an actress, but she has the nerve to snatch my man. Let me tell you, leave as far as you can. Don't let me see you again. Otherwise, I'll throw you into the river to be fed by fish." Contents belong to NovelDrama.Org Melody touched her cheeks softly and smirked scornfully. "Only women with no confidence would attack the other woman. If you have the time to teach me a lesson, why don't you go home and look after your own husband instead?"


The plump woman became angrier. She lifted her hand to hit Melody again.

"Stop!" Jean cried out and rushed over.

Previously, Melody had helped her. Jean didn't want to be an ungrateful person.

Ben couldn't stop Jean, so he followed along.

At the back of the crowd, Edgar had a slightly complicated expression.

"Mr. Royden, should we intervene?" Miles asked in a low voice.

The man's cold eyes darkened slightly. He said indifferently, "Wait."

Once Jean cried out, it attracted the attention of many. Discussions in the crowd became louder. "Edgar's ex-wife?"

"No matter what she's done, you shouldn't hit her in public. Your actions have affected other people. Please apologize right away."

The plump woman glared, and her eyes widened. She started to berate Jean as well.

"Who are you to criticize me? Your lousy company must have been set up by that man. You don't have a single ounce of shame. The two of you are birds of a feather..."

"Miles, take action," the man said coldly in a deep voice. A trace of murderous intent streaked across his eyes.

He immediately emitted cold air. His gaze passed through the crowd and landed on Jean.

"Yes, Mr. Royden." Miles immediately gave orders, but he mentally took note of something. His company's president had always been aloof and would never interfere in things like these.

But now, he wouldn't ignore or be unconcerned if it had something to do with Jean.

Soon, the relevant people in charge of the bidding conference rushed to the scene. They quickly escorted Mrs. Larry away.

Seeing that there wasn't anything left to see, everyone dispersed.

"Are you alright?" Jean let out a breath.

Melody smiled bitterly and shook her head. "I'm sorry that you were involved. I'm already used to it."

She took out a cigarette from her bag naturally and looked at Jean. "You don't mind, do you?"

Jean shook her head. She thought it was a little strange that Melody was here.

"I heard that Eyer Group has been expanding well recently. Congratulations." Melody smiled sincerely. "Girls from wealthy families are different indeed. It makes me envious."

"I have you to thank. If you didn't recommend me to accept design orders at Jimmy's for a ny's for a few days wouldn't have made it here today."

Jean would never forget the days when she ate canned goods in the small apartment for the rest of her life.

Melody looked at Jean meaningfully.

"Did the buyer get you to do any other designs in the end?"

As soon as Melody asked Jean, the chair beside them was pulled.

Edgar acted as if there were nobody else present and sat down.

"Mr. Royden, there's someone sitting here," Jean called him out coldly.

"Once they come, I'll vacate." He wasn't concerned or angry.


Melody, who was at the side, tugged at Jean. "It's alright. It's a rare opportunity that Mr. Royden is willing to lower himself and sit at the same table as someone like me."

The more Melody degraded herself, the more uncomfortable Jean felt when she heard it.Content belongs to NôvelDrama.Org

Although Jean was just an actor, her status in the entertainment industry was incomparable to an ordinary female celebrity. Moreover, she had.

worked for so many years, and there was basically no gossip about her.

As for Mrs. Larry just now, she took advantage of her position to bully Melody and said so many masty things, but Melody wasn't bothered about it. It was clear how charitable and kind Melody was.

And she had helped Jean out a few times.

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