Can’t Win Me Back

Chapter 2126

Alyssa and Jasper's hearts lurched at the mention of Amber's name. A flurry of emotions-excitement, unease, and most potently, worry-washed over them.

"Did you meet with Amber, Axel?" Alyssa asked, her voice laced with anxiety.

"No," Axel replied, his voice croaking with a barely concealed hurt. "She sent this video to me on my phone. I'm scared, Lyse. I'm terribly afraid something bad will happen to Amber!"

Jasper spoke up reassuringly, "If she sent the video, she's likely still safe for now, Axel. Try not to worry too much."

"For now..." Axel gritted his teeth. "But how long will that last? I need to get her out of there!"

"Don't act recklessly, Axel!" Alyssa warned, her gaze fierce. "You could expose Amber and put her in even greater danger. Remember, she's still in Jameson's clutches!"

"If this video leaks," Alyssa continued, "there's no evidence linking her as the source. But if you make a reckless move, it'll be as good as telling Jameson Amber's a traitor. He could eliminate her anytime, and even your connections wouldn't be enough to stop him."

Axel exhaled, his anger giving way to a forced calmness.

"Don't worry, Axel," Jasper said. "When the time is right, Lyse and I will do everything in our power to help you save Ms. Altman." Coming from Jasper, these weren't just empty words; they were a promise. With that, Axel felt completely at ease. "Thank you, Jasper. That means a lot."

The station captain, who was away on a business trip in Belbanks when he received the news, rushed back to the station that very night. He immediately ordered Cyrus to release Nicholas and even demanded a public apology.

"Forget the apology," Nicholas said magnanimously, pretending to be above it all. "Chief Taylor was just looking out for my safety."

Nicholas strutted out of the interrogation room, the station captain by his side. "Let's just move on. I'm fine anyway. I hope you won't punish Chief Taylor for this."

"Absolutely not!" The captain

boomed. He caused you undue trouble and even unlawfully detained you for hours. I can't just overlook that. He deserves a severe reprimand!"

Nicholas brushed it off, not wanting to push the issue.

There was obviously no animosity between him and Cyrus. However, Cyrus was Alyssa's biological brother and close to Jasper. If Nichola's could get Cyrus

suspended, it would eliminato elnet

someone prying into his affairs and potentially expose his connection to Jameson. Sacrificing a subordinate seemed like the only option.

Unfortunately for them, before they could walk any further, they saw Cyrus approaching with two other officers from the Criminal Investigation Unit.

Cyrus marched right up to Nicholas, effectively blocking his path.

"Cyrus Taylor! What now?" the captain bellowed.

Cyrus met Nicholas' gaze head-on, his expression frosty and severe T apologize, Chief Novak, but you cannot leave tonight. We've acquired new evidence that implicates you in a premeditated murder."

The captain's jaw dropped in disbelief. "Murder? Cyrus, what are you talking about? How could Chief Novak possibly be involved in a murder?"

"We don't arrest without evidence," Cyrus retorted, handcuffing Nicholas.

Nicholas' face immediately drained of color; his hands clenched into fists.Content belongs to NôvelDrama.Org

He found himself back in the interrogation room, this time under a much heavier atmosphere, thick with tension and foreboding.

"I didn't kill anyone," Nicholas asserted calmly.

"We'll see about that," Cyrus replied coolly. "Let's jog your memory with a little video clip, shall we?"

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