An Understated Dominance

Chapter 2273

"Father Savier, you truly live up to your reputation as an ascetic priest. I'm impressed with your physical strength, "Dalen remarked as he stared at the white mark on Thaddeus' chest.

If a typical martial artist were struck in the chest by his folding fan, they would likely be seriously injured or dead. However, Thaddeus merely retreated several steps from the impact without a scratch.

There was no denying that the ascetic priest's physical resilience far exceeded that of martial artists at his level.

"Kid, are you mocking me?" Thaddeus' expression darkened. The praise felt offensive to him.

He had always seen Dalen as prey. Now, Dalen had unexpectedly taken control of the situation. Thaddeus felt uneasy and furious,

"You have misunderstood. I truly admire your skill. If you break through to grandmaster level, you'll soar to new heights," Dalen said sincerely.

Thaddeus surpassed other martial artists of his level due to his dual cultivation of both internal and external techniques.

Despite being 36 years old, he was disappointed that he hadn't yet broken through to become a grandmaster martial artist. This limitation significantly restrained his strength and hindered his full potential.

The main reason for his delay in achieving this breakthrough was his extensive focus on refining his physical body.

While this emphasis resulted in a formidable physique, it significantly slowed his progress in cultivation. This was a common issue among martial artists who tried to excel internally and externally.

"Stop talking nonsense!" Thaddeus snapped. He became even more agitated.

He continued, "You think you're tough just because you have that protective shield? Why don't you drop it and fight me fair and square? Let's see who is stronger."

Dalen had the Evasio Incantation to protect himself, which always saved him in critical moments. Thaddeus knew he couldn't do much until Dalen's true energy ran out. Without the Evasio Incantation, he could easily take Dalen down in three strikes.

"Okay. Since you're so eager, I won't use the art of defense and will have a fair fight with you," Dalen agreed without hesitation.

Thaddeus was bewildered by his response. He had spoken out of frustration and hadn't expected Dalen to agree. With the Evasio Incantation, Dalen was virtually unbeatable.

No one in their right mind would give up such a huge advantage to face their opponent's strengths directly. Yet, that was exactly what Dalen did.

Either he was a fool, or his confidence bordered on arrogance. He didn't even consider Thaddeus a worthy opponent at all.Content belongs to NôvelDrama.Org

"Kid, did I hear you right? Are you sure you won't use any defensive skills?" Thaddeus was shocked and doubtful. He couldn't figure out Dalen's motive and wondered if he was playing a trick on him.

"Yes. A real man keeps his word. With so many people watching, do you think I'd back out now?" Dalen smiled faintly.

Thaddeus was thrilled to hear that." Good for you. You've got the guts to face me without any defensive techniques. I respect that." At that moment, he almost laughed out loud.

He never expected someone to be so foolish. With just a few casual taunts, Dalen had completely fallen for it. Dalen had abandoned his advantages and forfeited his chance to win in the battle ring. Thaddeus saw this as a golden opportunity.

Ruby stood up and shouted frantically, "Mr. Shade! He's deliberately provoking you. Don't fall for it!"

"Yeah, Mr. Shade! Winning the match is important. Don't waste time with him. Go all out and finish the match quickly!" Miles echoed.

Crystal frowned but stayed silent.

To them, Dalen's actions seemed foolish. Despite having the upper hand, he decided to fight Thaddeus directly.

No one understood his decision.

The spectators around the battle ring were in an uproar.

"That kid is way too arrogant. He's not even taking Father Savier seriously."

"Pride comes before a fall. Without his defensive skills, he's just a lamb to the slaughter before Father Savier."

"Great! Let Father Savier teach that pretty boy a lesson about the dangers of the martial world and the unpredictability of human nature."

Dalen's response brought unexpected delight to Thaddeus' supporters, who had been tense and fearful after his earlier retreat.

If Thaddeus lost to Dalen, their losses would be significant. But Dalen's arrogance had now renewed their hope for victory.

"Kid, I don't take advantage of others.

Since you're not using your defensive to three strikes,”

skills, I'll Il limit myself to three Thaddeus said, extending three fingers toward Dalen.

He added confidently, "If you can withstand them, I'll consede defeat immediately. But if you can't, don't blame me for going all out!"

"Okay," Dalen replied with a smile. He nodded as he raised one hand ima gesture of invitation. "Go ahead, Father Savier. Please make your move."

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